Christmas is approaching quickly! And, as a big family or a group of friends, you might start wondering where could you throw your Christmas Party? There are so many nice venues in London and you have probably no idea of which one to pick. But here at Label’Emotion London we have been overwhelmed by Christmas spirit and as event planners we found some nice places where you could definitely have your Christmas party and we are sharing it with you in this article.

Geronimo Inns:

First of all Geronimo is not a chain, they are a group of proper pubs, based nearly everywhere in London, with an eye for the difference and the delicious. Each pubs is unique and represents a different style from the vintage to the classic through the industrial style so that you are sure to find at least one pub that suits you and where you could throw your Christmas party.


Winter Wonderland Boat:

Have you ever thought you would celebrate Christmas on a boat? This is an original and memorable way to throw your Christmas party! In addition to savour a delicious meal you will enjoy the amazing view of the center of London from the Thames.



La Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec :

If you fancy a Christmas party with a French touch you can totally throw it there! Based in South London they serve tasty French food and they also offer one of London’s finest live music in the loft which creates a friendly and warm atmosphere.


The Roof Garden:

One of London’s best known club, The Roof Garden in Kensington is the perfect place to throw a Christmas party between friends. With view of London, you can enjoy a multitude of spaces, roam through the garden and enjoy the dance floor in the club itself. A stunning and slightly expensive spot, this place will WOW all your friends this year.



The Cinnamon Kitchen:

When it is cold and dark outside the Cinnamon Kitchen offers you a warm and relaxing place to celebrate your Christmas party in the heart of the City of London. If you fancy a menu which gets away from the traditional Christmas menu this restaurant offers a creative and modern Indian cuisine.


The Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes London:

This is a unique theatrical experience and an original way to enjoy throw a Christmas party! On the programme an interactive murder mystery performed by professional actors, hilarious scenes and as the murderer is revealed the winning team will receive prizes! Moreover you can enjoy this entertainment with a 3 courses meal. The dinner will be followed by music until late from their DJ.


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