Here we are ! One of the most beautiful day of your life is around the corner and you are about to say « I do » to your loved one. Your wedding vows are the most meaningful words you will ever have to pronounce. Writing them will allow you to reveal your feelings to the whole world (at least to your family and friends !). Your own wedding vows may be the best way to personalize your ceremony and make it unique don’t you think ?
It is also a way to commit yourself into your wedding (if you want more tips to get involved in the wedding process : Your short and sweet vows have to reflect what makes your relationship special. It also has to relate what you and your partner will promise to each other for the rest of your lives.
Here are some tips to express your love the best way possible, straight from the heart.


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Wedding vows : it starts from here

First of all, you should discuss with your partner how you would like your vows to be. In this way everyone will be on the same wavelenght. Find an agreement about the tone you want to use, whether it is humoristic, poetic or romantic. You also have to decide if you want to write your vows together or separately. Determine if you will share with each other before the big day or keep them a secret until the due course.

Take some time to reflect on your love. Think about key memories such as when you first met and how you felt, when you fell in love and when you knew you wanted to get married. Write it all out and don’t wait until the last minute. Remember these are the promises you’ll pledge to make to your future spouse, which means they’re very significant and deserve time.
Make sure to get started early enough, so you can take your time and carefully think about what you want to say beforehand. It will save you from the stress of trying to be super thoughtful. Writing your own vows can be distressing. After all you are going to confess your private feelings and making life-or-death promises. Don’t let the pressure get hold of you ! Speak from the heart and what you say will always be « right ».


Wedding vows : Reflect on your love

As told before, once you have committed to writing your wedding vows, you should take some time, both together and individually, to think about what you love about each other and what makes your relationship unique. It will help you to find ideas about what you want to say to your significant other. Brainstorm all of the things that make your future spouse special. Write down the most memorable moments you have shared together and all the promises you want to make. It is better if you try to find a personal way to make some of the most traditional promises such as to be there in sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad.

Indeed, the reason why couples opt for writing their own vows is because they want to entrust their love for one another in a unique way. Do make it personal. Don’t hesitate to describe why you care about your partner and why you choose to spend your life together.
Do your wedding vows personal but don’t make the mistake of doing it too personal. Remember that you have an audience so don’t share intimate details, inside jokes or crazy stories. It could be interpreted as inappropriate or make your guests feel ill-at-ease. Take out anything too embarrassing.


Wedding vows : Be original

It doesn’t mean you can’t feel free to add some humor ! If there is a (brief) joke or funny story you want to include in your vows, go for it ! Use it sparingly to punctuate your wedding vows but don’t be too playful.
This is a solemn moment and you still want to take your vows seriously. You are making a lifelong commitment. As you write your vows, it also may be tempting to fall into clichés, banish it ! Don’t let someone else’s words dominate your own. Try to find the most original ways of showing your love.


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Time flies, especially on your wedding day. Make sure that your wedding vows are not too long, they should last between one and three minutes. Although there are likely endless reasons you love your partner, you don’t need to deliver a sermon to the assembled guests. You can let some of your feelings be expressed through songs, or readings of family and friends for example.


Wedding vows : Be yourself

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind while writing your wedding vows… Remember to be yourself. You could be too focused on writing the perfect ones and impressing your guests. But what matters is that it reflects who you are and what makes your loved one so special.

Make sure to go back over your words and refine towards the tone you want to achieve. The most important thing is that your wedding vows ring true and sound like they go from your heart. Once you feel confident about them, you should get some feedback. To make sure they will bring your audience to tears, have a friend or family member to read it over ahead of time.


Wedding vows : Practise it !

Now you’ve got your wedding vows down, all you have to do is prepare to say it ! You should ensure to practice them enough times it sounds natural, but not too many times it sounds too rehearsed. It will take any potential stress out of writing your own vows by ensuring the whole process, from writing to rehearsing. Practise out loud to make sure vows flow easily is the best way to prep. Like this, you can actually look at and share the moment with your partner as you say your vows.

Once the big day has finally come, don’t forget to bring an extra copy or two. Nerves can wipe phrases from your memory. It will reassure you knowing you can have a look at your wedding vows if you forget anything.


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Writing your own wedding vows is not easy, but its worthwhile without a doubt. Fortunately there are ways to ensure your vows to be memorable and unique. Think about what you want to promise to your future spouse. The beauty of personal vows is that they don’t have to be traditional, add some unique touches will make them that much more personal. Above all, be sincere and speak from the heart.

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