Whether you are the bride to be, the maid of honor, a bridesmaid or simply a guest, wedding is an significant day and it goes without saying that you want to be highlighted ! It starts with the choice of your outfit and accessories, but deciding on a hairstyle is also crucial and it can be tough ! Your hair will perfect your style for the big day, so it has to be remarkable.

On the one hand, you want something on trend but on the other side, you want a timeless look… No need to worry ! From tousled waves to a chic up do, gorgeous braids and dazzling hair accessories, we’ve picked out the perfect wedding hairstyles for you. While traditional hairstyles like curls or classic up dos will never go out of style, this year’s trends suggest some updates. Whether you are looking for wedding hairstyle for long or short hair, here are some tips you should consider to make sure all eyes will be on you !


Wedding Hairstyle : Long Hair vs Short Hair

It’s usually easier for long-haired women to find a delightful hairstyle than ladies with short hair. Indeed if you have long hair, it gives you more styling potential so that you can try whatever you want from braided patterns, glossy waves, curls or asymmetrical details. You can both choose to leave it down or to pull it up.

If you have short hair, it can be tougher to know what to do with it. Short wedding hairstyles are all about texture and ravishing accessories. For short-haired ladies, the best way to go is retro ! The 20s wave can be stunning, and suits to all hair types and face shapes. If you’ve got super-short hair you can wear it tucked behind the ears for an ultra-feminine and fresh look. Perhaps the most convenient hairstyle for short hair is the braided updo that brings out face features. It’s a fantastic hairstyle for any type of hair be it straight, curly or wavy.


Wedding Hairstyle : Buns

The essence of the hairstyle stays the bun. Smooth, low-perched on the neck and tighten asymmetrically is a way to go for your wedding hairstyle. The simple style of a neat bun pinned at the neck is ever-chic. The simple yet elegant high ballerina bun is perfect for all occasions, especially on the big day. But as voluminous style embodies sophistication, you can also add volume at the roots and style your hair into a low chignon. Adding jewels or floral headpiece is the ultimate finishing touch for a beautiful bun.


Source : Sparrow Photography



Ponytails are a hairstyle you can’t dismiss ! You can opt for a beautiful soft ponytail with volume on top and sweet curls at the end. You can also choose to wear it low to give sophistication to your wedding hairstyle. Anyway, a simple ponytail could have a bigger impact than you’d think. If it feels too casual for you, you can update it by adding cool accessories. Indeed classical long braided ponytail can be seen different decorated with beads, flowers and jewelry for example. Many brides opt for a ponytail, low or slicked back to keep their hair out of their way during this magical but busy day.


Source : Zorz Studios


Wedding Hairstyle : Middle Parts

By now, middle parts have prevailed as a retro trend that is definitively back and going as strong as ever. Gone the look from childhood school picture day ! It has now been taken to a modern trend. Middle parts work well with a lot of styles, including updos, braids, waves or ponytails.


Source : Elizabeth Messina


Wedding Hairstyle : Waves

Loose wavy hairstyle has been taking over the hair scene over the past few years and are now among the hottest wedding styles. Big, tousled waves perfectly suit a backless dress. Go with your natural part, and run through your curls with your fingers to soften them. A simply-styled waves can be so romantic and complements the style greatly. Shiny waves can be enhanced with little else to stand out for a wedding such as a jeweled piece for the dose of glamour. You can also add a flower or other hair accessory to keep hair out of your face with style !


Source : MOD Wedding


Wedding Hairstyle : Braids

Braids are absolutely timeless when it comes to hair ! It can be styled in numerous ways for a big day. Note that waterfall braids are so trendy ! For the most sophisticated ladies, your waterfall braids can really be taken to a new level when brought back into a side bun. Don’t hesitate to pull portions of the braid to add volume and definition, and feel free to add some height at the top. Intricate braids arranged into a crown atop your head are also on-trend. If you’re going for an up-do but had a more laid-back look planned, you can go for a braided up do.


Wedding Hairstyle : Jewelry-friendly Hair

An easy way to lift your style to the next level is to add in some hair accessories. It will give a wow factor to your wedding hair style.
Floral headbands are a great way to perfect your look, especially for an outdoor wedding and during the spring or the summer.
Delicate flowers in the hair have become a must to enhance your wedding hairstyle, they can be combined with a chignon on the side or half loose hair for example. The can also be worked into up dos or weaved into braids. You can even make it match with the wedding theme or colors. Anyway, floral accessories are the essential of 2016 ! Concerning the bride, many of them skip the veil and put flowers in their hair instead. To make the difference, know that there is something so glamorous about wearing a real flower in your hair !

When picking your wedding hairstyle, don’t forget there are some things to consider such as your dress and the style of the wedding. It has to guide your hairstyle choice. Do know that you can wear anything you want on a wedding, it’s a chance to do something special ! Don’t wear your hair in the same way that you do every day. Keep in mind that the most attractive and feminine look is a success when you go for the most ravishing hairstyle that will compliment your dress.

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