This is it, you are finally ready to “pop the question”! But if you want to impress her with a unique and memorable proposal you will have to do a lot better than the classic marriage proposal in a restaurant. Which is why Label’Emotion London investigated and gathered for you the best proposal ideas hoping it will inspire you!

6: An adorable flip-book proposal

If you are creative and good with your hands you can create a hand drawn flip book which tells your couple’s story for example. She will have to flip through it and when she will get to the end you will just have to pull out the real ring and ask for her hand… It can seem simple and childish but actually it is a very cute and unexpected proposal.

5: Pets proposal


If your future fiancé is an animal lover your pet definitely can help you with your proposal. For example, on her birthday, offer her a cute little dog or cat. She will be so happy and surprised that she won’t even realise that her new friend is hiding a bigger surprise. When she finds the little message written on the animal’s collar or ribbon you will just have to drop on one knee and we guarantee you that she will feel fulfilled.

4: Gather the troupes


You don’t have to prepare this alone, you can count on your friends and family to help you surprise her. What these men did might inspire you: You could organise what seems to be a classic family Christmas photo. While she is posing, some members of your family or friends, each carrying a letter, could organise themselves behind her so that we can read “will you marry me”. And while she is discovering the picture, just wait for her one knee on the ground with the ring in your hand. If the woman you love is a little bit more adventurous you could do exactly the same in an amusement park! It is a memorable way to share one of the best day of your life with friends and family.

3 An incredible proposal on the beach

There is something so pure and romantic about asking for her hand on the beach. The soft white sand and the gentle murmuring of the waves can provide a perfect setting for a marriage proposal. And there are so many way to do it like, write it in the sand, sculpt it, pop the question around a magical bonfire… If you want to more about how to succeed your beach proposal just click here!



2 A special place for a special proposal

The way you are making your proposal doesn’t always need to be creative or unique but place you picked up can be. You can ask for her hand in a place you are used to go to when you need a peaceful and romantic moment together like the place you first met or the one where you started dating. If you don’t have any special place like this in mind then think of somewhere she would find romantic. For example if she likes the peaceful of the mountains then pop the question while you are having a nice walk hand in hand and wait to be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains . You can also do it in the middle of a lake or under magical string lights everything is possible it depends on her tastes. But anyplace you choose this will be romantic because it shows how well you know her. proposal-under-string-lights-label-emotion-london-wedding-planner-londonproposal-in-the-mountains-label-emotion-london-wedding-planner-london

1 Last but not least

Let’s end this top 6 with the best marriage proposal of 2015! A dedicated and so romantic man recently revealed to his now fiancé that he had been proposing to her every day for 365 days in the form of a video documenting his quest for her hand in marriage. She was delivered the video on her birthday. Let that be an example to you guys! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook because this week each day we will put a new video of an amazing way to do a unique and memorable proposal hoping it will help you with yours! xx

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