The proposal was done and so you’re getting married. Congratulations !

Even if a wedding is one of the most beautiful moments in one’s life, to be honest it’s also one of the most stressful. Indeed planning a wedding is a challenge, especially from a financial point of view, because it’s not a secret, weddings are expensive. I know what you tell yourself. On the one hand, you want to make your big day as special as possible, but on the other hand, you think you don’t have the budget for this.

At some point in your wedding planning, you will probably look for some tips to save money while keeping an elegant feel. You’ve come to the right place.

No matter what your budget is, the chic wedding of your dreams can be yours, and without spending huge sums of money. There are surely ways to get what you want without going into debt. These useful money-saving wedding tips will help you stretch your budget for your wedding. Have a look and share your thoughts !

First we can deal with the venue. If you are thinking of at home wedding , skip it even if you may think you’ll save money, it’s not always the case. Between tents, tables, chairs, electricity generator… it could be a better option to choose a « we’ve got everything you need » reception venue. Choose one that will allow you to make savings on decoration since it is so breathtaking!

You’ve got to know that most venues offer deals for mid-week weddings or during off-season dates. You can contact the ones that fit the style you’re going for and ask about the different options they can propose you.
Once you’ve found your venue, concerning the decoration for your reception, you could have bigger tables so you will need fewer centerpieces and tablecloths, in addition it will give a warm and friendly side to your reception.

Save money on wedding venue

Source : Robert & Kathleen Photographers

About the invitations and programs, you can make your own or take advantage of the talents of your loved ones, it would bring to your wedding an irresistible DIY touch and without a doubt save a lot. You can also opt for digital invites. Anyway, choose one fabulous element and keep the rest of your invitations simple. For the programs, you can just post a large one at the entrance of your ceremony site so it will be less costing than printing one for each guest.

Save money wedding program

Source : Jana Williams

About your wedding flowers, it would be better if you focus on just one or two kinds of flowers because as they’re sold in mass the more types you have the more the cost goes up. Choose flowers that are in season so it will be less expensive. Moreover it’s going to bring the season into your wedding.

Remaining on the DIY touch, you can make your own centerpieces for example. Another alternative would be to skip floral centerpieces in favor of candles that will light up the reception and it would look pretty at a significant lower price. Finally, we don’t think about it enough, but to save money you can opt for floral arrangements that work for both the ceremony and the reception, or you can also reuse and combine bridesmaid’s bouquets and reinstall them in the entrance hall or on the tables to create centerpieces for example.

Concerning the wedding cake, you can add finishing touches yourself, for example instead of using sugar flowers you can use fresh ones. Another solution would be to go for a dessert buffet such as cupcakes and other mini treats that are as delicious as a wedding cake and will considerably cut your costs. Moreover it’s becoming more and more trendy and your guests will be delighted to taste everything !

save money on wedding cake

Source : Jocelyn Filley Photography

Another tip that you might not have thought of and that could help you to save money ; you can make your wedding purchases such as bridesmaids dresses for example during sales. You may don’t know but most decoration rental companies have sales a couple of times a year.

And after the wedding comes the honeymoon, of course !
Avoid traveling during high season, it could make you save money. You can also get a package that includes tickets, hotel, and food. Let people know that you’re on your honeymoon, it could result in perks like glasses of champagne waiting for you in your suite.

Anyway, the better tip that could be given to you is to focus on what you feel is most important to your guests but to you before everything else, no matter whether it is decor, food, music. Spend on what is significant to you, but don’t forget that there is no need to spend tons of money on a wedding when the main thing is to make it personal.

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