Your wedding is around the corner and you’re planning every detail for this very special day. Of course you know that a wedding would not be the same without flowers. They’re going to bring the wow factor you may be looking for. The choice of your wedding flowers is an essential step not to miss, it has to reflect your personal taste and personality. It also has to match with your wedding theme and colors. Flowers are an important part of your wedding, think about the bridal bouquet and bouquets for the wedding party, your ceremony venue as well as your reception one.

But did you know that the season you’ll get married in plays an important role in your choice ? Although most blossoms could be available year-round from florists, flowers are most approachable and best-looking in season and it will help you save money on your wedding budget. Moreover it’s going to bring the season into your wedding.

Here are some tips to tell you everything you need to know about wedding flowers alongside their season.


Spring wedding flowers

This is an ideal time to get married. Brides who get married at this moment can pick from a variety of seasonal flowers in gorgeous pinks, purples or blues. Flowering bulbs, such as tulips and hyacinths come into season early, while peonies are available from late spring to early summer and are among wedding favorites. These fragrant flowers come in shades of red, blue, white, orange, pink, violet or yellow. Spring seasonal flowers are the most budget-friendly for weddings in march, april and may. You can go for spring flowers such as apple or cherry blossoms, dogwoods, hydrangeas, iris, larkspur, lilacs, calla lily, amaryllis, ranunculus. You can also mix seasonal flowers with year-round ones such as roses, lilies, gerbera daisies, orchids, or anthuriums.


Summer wedding flowers

Most flowers are in bloom during the summer solstice. If you’re a summer bride, you are lucky to have plenty of fragrant wedding flowers to choose from. As the weather is the best, getting married in the summer is perfect for beach and other outdoor weddings. Go for hydrangeas, cornflowers, zinnias, anthurium, carnations, chrysanthemum, gypsophila, sunflowers, calla lilies, dahlias, that are all typical summer flowers ! Once again you can mix the summer seasonal flowers with those available all year round as told before.

Wedding Flowers - Summer Season | Wedding Planner London - Kent - Surrey

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Fall wedding flowers

Typical fall flowers are all about rich reds, deep oranges and buttery yellows combined with brown, gold, green and amber colors. Don’t hesitate to use the warmth and natural beauty of the season with these stunning fall shades. Fall bouquets and decorations usually include autumnal foliage such as branches, oak leaves and crab apples. From September to November, brides can use the natural landscape of the season by exchanging vows under an oak tree, and line the aisle with beautiful fallen leaves. Flowers such as hydrangea, passion flower, asters, calla lilies, gerbera daisies, or gladioli will lift your wedding decoration to the next level.


Wedding Flowers - Fall Season | Wedding Planner London

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Winter wedding flowers

Plenty of choices are available when you’re getting married in the winter. Capture the crystalline beauty of the winter season with dramatic whites and reds, perfect for an elegant indoor ceremony and reception. You can go for soft white effect using cream, ivory and pale blush flowers, or you can also opt for elegant silver and white arrangements. Silver leaves, sequins of silver ribbon will make glamorous displays. Christmas wedding flowers may include red ones such as velvety or amaryllis blossoms. You can add red berries and holly to create a stunning seasonal bridal bouquet or centerpieces. French tulip, protea, camellias, poinsettia, casablanca lilies, narcissus paper white, even pinecones and mistletoe will look perfect for a wedding in winter.

You have to know that there are no wrong choices when picking flowers for your wedding. It is your own choice according to your personal tastes. Just remember it has to work with the wedding theme you’ve chosen. Note that there are some classic wedding flowers with which you can’t go wrong such as roses, peonies, lily and orchids.

When you’re thinking about your flowers, you have to know what role you want them to play in your wedding. They can be simple or elaborate depending on what you’re looking for. Choose flowers that are typical for the time of year you’re getting married in, such as fragrant spring flowers, gorgeous roses in summer, bright sunflowers in the hot summer, dahlias in the early fall, and amaryllis through the winter. In addition to flowers, every season offers different vegetation and fruits. With the same seasonal approach you can create a unique floral decoration for your wedding.

We say that flowers are the language of love. Don’t forget to have fun by choosing gorgeous seasonal flowers for your big day !

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