The beach proposal is one of the most romantic ways to ask for her hand. The soft white sand and the gentle murmuring of the waves can provide a perfect setting for a marriage proposal, but the setting is just one facet of the plan. You still need to decide how you’re going to carry it all out. So Label’Emotion London tells you the best ways to make a unique and memorable beach proposal hoping it will inspire you.

A message in the sand:

There are many ways to make a romantic beach proposal. This is the most popular one but it remains a unique and original way to propose her because you need to be creative and patient, not every man is able to do that! Picture the two of you on the beach, perhaps walking along hand-in-hand as you listen to the rolling waves and the breeze drifts across you. As you walk along, you discover a spot where something is written in the sand.
You ask your partner what the message says, and as she reads it, you pull the ring box out of your pocket and have it ready for her when she turns around toward you.

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Mike Wakefield's romantic beach proposal to India Stevens. See SWNS story SWBEACH. A man from Newquay has shocked his wife-to-be with 30ft sand art proposal on the beach. Mike Wakefield only decided the night before he was going to ask nurse India Stevens to marry him in that way and spent nearly two hours working on the art after getting the whole family in on the plan. They are now planning a beach wedding.


Keep the flame alive…

There’s something magical about building a small bonfire on the beach. Pick a secluded location where high tide won’t reach and wind isn’t very strong, and set up the bonfire ahead of time so it’s ready for lighting when you get there.
As the two of you snuggle together staring at the burning embers, tell her that she’s very much like that fire. She’s the light of your life, and she sets your heart on fire every time she looks at you. Tell her you can’t imagine your life without her anymore, then show her the ring and pop the question. This simple but lovely way to ask for her hand guarantees you a successful beach proposal.



Message in a bottle:

Take your partner to the beach for what seems to be just a romantic picnic. When both of you are just about to finish eating, pretend like you see something strange stuck in the sand. Trot over there as though you want a closer look, and take the opportunity to pull a small bottle out of your pocket in which you have a note with your proposal.
Bring the bottle back to your future fiancé, ask her to open it and read you the note. When she reads it, pull out the ring, drop to one knee and give her a moment to put the two together. Once she clearly catches on to what’s happening, ask her to marry you.



A jewel in the shell:

Finding a pearl in an oyster is an amazing thing anyone can appreciate, so why not try an engagement ring in a shell? This is a very charming way to plan your beach proposal. Suggest your partner to go to the beach for a walk. While you are walking start to pick some shells on the sand. When she’s looking the other way, pull the shell out of your pocket, and place it in plain sight. Point it out to her and ask her if she checked that one. When she finds the ring, tell her how lucky she is and ask her if she’ll make you the luckiest man in the world by marrying you.



An extravagant beach proposal:

A spa retreat on the beach can set the scene for a very romantic proposal. Spend all day taking care of yourselves, relaxing together and take advantage of this perfect setting to be closer than ever and to create a warm atmosphere between you two. This is the first step of your beach proposal. Then take your partner for a candlelight dinner on the beach, and order Champagne for a toast. Work your proposal into that toast, and give her the box with the ring.



The perfect place for a perfect beach proposal:

You can’t just choose any beach at random! If you and the woman you love have a favourite one where you often come to have a nice time together then try to find a quiet space and you can definitely do your beach proposal there. But if you don’t, you have to be aware of several details like the smell, the sound, the quality of the sand and if it is crowded or isolated.
When you have found the perfect place, chose a way to propose, choose your words carefully and everything is going to be fine.

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