You are Londoners, close to nature and dreaming of a magical wedding in an Enchanted Forest, then the woodland wedding was made for you. Intrigued? Read on to know all the ingredients to create a romantic ambiance for your woodland wedding away from the city.

Why is it becoming more and more attractive?

When you think about a woodland wedding theme you might imagine a very rustic decoration, a muddy venue, anyway the opposite of a chic wedding. But actually, there is something very romantic and charming about the idea of being married beneath a shade of trees in a secluded woodland. Nowadays many couples want to move away from traditional hotels and stately homes into a more relaxed, back-to-nature setting with a festival feel.

A venue for a woodland wedding:

Because you live in England, looking for the perfect venue for your woodland wedding is quite easy! The British countryside contains stunning venues completely adapted to your theme like treehouses, tipies, huts…
If you are dreaming of an outside wedding the UK has literally thousands of acres of luscious woodland, a nice clearing or a beautiful forest next to a waterfall can be great settings. But you should consider a Plan B. If the British countryside can be a perfect setting for your woodland wedding, keep in mind that there is also a 50% chance that it will rain so think up a marquee, a tent or a canopy. Amenities such as electricity, toilets and running water are also a consideration which means that woodland weddings are not always the easiest or cheapest option, but with the right team in place to guide you along the way there is no doubt your woodland wedding will be a truly magical experience.
As a piece of advice the bride and her bridesmaids should choose Hunter Wellies over going barefoot unless you want to end up with an injury and/or mud-caked feet. You probably should forget about high heel too.





Woodland Wedding Invitations

The best way to inspire your creativity from the start is with a woodland wedding invitation. You have to make a good first impression and show your guests that a woodland wedding can totally be charming and romantic here are some example:



If you want to know more about wedding invitations click here!

How about the decoration?

Don’t worry about your woodland wedding decorations because nature is beauty in itself and as we said earlier it makes a perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. And, your friend Mother Nature will take care of most of the decorating herself, which means all you have to do is add a few unique touches to make the space your own! A beautiful arch made of branches covered by ivy, chairs or bench in wood with hanging gypsophila bouquets and lanterns or white roses petals along the aisle for the ceremony.woodland-wedding-ceremony-arch-label-emotion-london-wedding-planner-london
For the reception prefer big banquet table in wood. To create a nice centerpiece use a log as a table mat where you can put candles, apple pies, gypsophila, hydrangeas or orangy flowers bouquets.



Imagine a family tree seating plan where you could arrange the escort cards with pictures of every guests or you could write your guests’ names on oakleaves lettuces.

use the trees to hang up things like fairy lights, lanterns, flowers, pictures, drapery and even a chandelier (but not the classic one that you can find in every castle, an old one a little bit worn out and you can cover it with leaves or ivy).


If you are an Alice in Wonderland big fan, it totally works with woodland wedding theme, it will bring some more magic and it will make your guests regress to childhood. You just have to add some details to your basic woodland decorations like clocks and watches almost everywhere, little drinks with a label where you can read “Drink me”, a space where your guests can have a seat made of nutty and coloured armchairs… Have a look at this moodboard made by Label’Emotion London hoping it will inspire you.



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