Once the time has come for you and your beloved to tie the knot, the adventure of wedding planning begins ! But before sending invitations, buying flowers and decoration, you may have your wedding theme in mind. Romantic, rustic, chic, industrial… What style will you go for ? With so many themes, the choice can be difficult. Whatever theme you choose, it has to reflect both your style and personal tastes. You have probably heard about contemporary wedding, an underlining style that favors a clean approach towards decorative elements. It allows more freedom and trends. If you appreciate modernity and you are at the forefront of trends, this theme is made for you !

One thing is sure, contemporary wedding decoration will definitely help your wedding look fresh and unique ! Here are some tips to give your wedding a luxurious contemporary inspiration !


Contemporary wedding ceremony

For your wedding ceremony, you can opt for white lanterns, crystal trees lining your ceremony aisle and candles at various eights. The more candles there are, the more magical effect will be. White drape, petal-filled clear columns and aisle runner definitely make an over-the-top presentation. To sit your guests, opt for ghost chairs that are a lovely contemporary option. You also have to know that oversize aisle arrangements are stunning for a luxurious contemporary decoration. If you wish to add an original touch, you can go for petals placed in clean lines. You are now sure to impress your guest with an eye-catching ceremony decoration.


Source : Jeff Leatham


Contemporary wedding venue

Concerning the wedding decoration for your reception, we can first deal with the venue. A luxurious contemporary venue can be a city rooftop, a modern hotel, a city building with amazing view, an art gallery. Whatever venue you choose to celebrate your love, the best would be one with architectural details that speak for itself. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can still personalize the look. It can be by adding floral backdrops, or suspended glass shapes for example. Images projected on the walls are also trendy.


Source / KT Merry Photography


Contemporary wedding reception

Your wedding reception will surely look great and provide a sophisticated vibe with contemporary details such as candles, crystals centerpieces for example. You can also opt for white or silver painted branches that will give a modern feel to your decoration, and pair it with flowers. Concerning flowers, opt for orchids and hydrangeas. You can incorporate clean arrangements using a mix of shapes and heights for a contemporary and fresh feel. If you are looking for a true wow factor, you can use a cascading floral runner across the center of the table or you can also flip centerpieces upside down. It promises to be grandstanding !


Source : Jeff Leatham


To perfect your luxurious contemporary wedding decoration, you should think about a lounge area. Creating a lounge space at your wedding reception will help making your guests feel comfortable. If you want to include more character in your wedding venue, opt for a few pieces of modern furniture. An all-white can be a good option for a chic and luxurious contemporary lounge area guaranteed. White, black and gold are the key colors for a wedding on this theme.


Source : Intimate Weddings


No doubt that  a contemporary wedding decor will make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Sleek lines,  crystal and refined decorations characterize a luxurious contemporary wedding. You can make a pure contemporary decoration, but you can also twist it with a more traditional style by incorporating some sophisticated touches. It is up to you ! The most important thing is that you like it and that you make it unique.

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