I admit and everyone knows it, grooms will be spending a lot of time with their groomsmen celebrating throughout the wedding adventure, but there are still some responsibilities to add on their to-do list !

And even if grooms don’t seem super involved in the wedding-planning process, the responsibility of planning a wedding no longer needs to fall on the bride’s shoulders. Here are some tips to help you involve the groom in your big day !

Women dream of their wedding from birth and must plan everything themselves ? While men don’t care about wedding planning ? Leave aside the received ideas ! Wedding planning isn’t just for brides. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that you have to plan and live together, from beginning to end. There are ways to involve the groom in this adventure.

If your guy doesn’t participate in the planning, it could be that he wonders what his role is as a groom and he may has no idea about what he’s allowed to do.
That’s why telling your fiancé what you expect of him isn’t a negative thing, he’ll surely welcome your guide lines.

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The most important step in this whole wedding planning process is to make sure that your groom feels as if his opinion is valued. Don’t hesitate to seek of what he thinks during some key steps of the wedding planning, how he finds the save the date or if he appreciates the flowers you’ve chosen, for example. Even if your groom doesn’t have strong feelings about the decor, he wishes your wedding to look good just as much as you do.

More than asking his opinion, you can even involve the groom by soliciting his creative side. You can ask him to create parts of the decoration if he’s a handyman or stationery if he likes designing. Another task that your future husband may like to be given, managing the wedding budget. If he has some negotiating skills, it’s time to put it to use ! Before paying any wedding vendor or signing any contract, look it over a couple of times, check reviews and other options, and mark up any contract terms you’d like to change or adjust.

Remind your half that he has to accompany you to appointments with suppliers, he should be happy to, especially on wine-tasting and food tasting with caterers. About that , as a man, he probably should be the right person to manage the wine and menu for the wedding reception and enjoy it, you can let him handle that without fear.

Concerning the prom opening, there is no doubt the groom knows it, everybody will be staring at you ! Don’t worry, he wants to make this moment as fab as you do ! You can involve the groom by proposing him to take some lessons. It will reassure you and bring you closer to each other at the same time.

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Let’s move to a delicate stage for the groom, the vows ! Writing his own wedding vows will definitely bring something more. You can advise him to speak honestly, he can wonders how he felt when you first met, what made him fall in love or when he knew he wanted to marry you for example. The vows have to sound like you and to be related to your relationship. Event if it’s not easy it’s worth it and it’s a good way to involve the groom !

As a bride needs her bridesmaids, a groom needs his groomsmen ! And another task to involve the groom consists in managing his team and also get groomsmen gifts. I know what you tell to yourself, that’s probably the best way to involve your half in the wedding process, isn’t it ? Anyway, the most important is that he participates ! If you’re worried that the best man’s toast will be embarrassing during the wedding reception, you can ask your fiancé to talk with him about your concerns and to remind him who the audience is, namely all your family and friends. He can also name someone to read the speech beforehand, that way it will be still a surprise for the two of you but you will feel reassured

Regardless of the topic, don’t hesitate to let your future husband know about your concerns ! After all, you are (or almost!) united for better and for worse.
You might be surprised by how engaged he is regarding any issues you’re having. Part of his job consists in giving you support and encouragement. If needed, you can also suggest him to surprise you with a romantic message, a candlelight dinner, a bouquet of flowers…

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If your fiancé and you are unable to agree on critical choices in the organization of your wedding, you should hire a wedding planner. As professionals, they know how to meddle a couple’s tastes together to have a coherent wedding and it will give you the chance to enjoy your preparations without having the stress. Click here if you want to know more about why hire a wedding planner.

A wedding should reflect a couple, not only bride or only groom. Involving your fiancé in the wedding planning will make your big day even more special knowing that you’ve worked together.
It is important that the groom finds ways to be involved in the most important day of your lives. Realistically, you can’t turn him into an aspiring wedding planner ! Don’t include your half in everything, prefer his involvement into the details you know he’ll enjoy.


Don’t underestimate him, after all who was the first involved with the proposal ?

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