What could be more elegant and chic than a quintessentially British wedding ?
Excellency, opulence, luxury… Many features that characterize a quintessentially English wedding.

Is there a better way to celebrate your love than with an English style and taste ! It is undeniable, the British style will definitely impress your guests. And for good reason, the quintessentially British wedding theme is becoming more popular than ever.

Quintessentially british wedding

Source : quintessentially weddings

You need to have certain key things to capture the quintessential English wedding style. Let’s go into details !

Concerning the invitations, as you are dreaming of a luxury styled wedding, you need luxurious ones for your big day, using noble materials such as matt textures paper, engraved or hot foil stamping. You can use creams and golds, such an elegant color combo.

Quintessentially british wedding invitation

Source : atelier isabey

And now if we approach the next thing and not least, the wedding dress : the biggest challenge the bride faces before her wedding. Refinement and attention to details are the key words ! Your dress should be done with unique bespoke garments, composed from the finest luxury materials and fabrics. It could also be encrusted with crystals, swathes of lace and embroidery interleaved.

Quintessentially british wedding dress

Source : bridal musings / designer : Galia Lahav

About the venue, you optimistically have an idea about where you would like to get married, whether it be a luxurious London hotel, a majestic countryside manor, an intimate chateau in France or an elaborate palace. Choose a venue with plenty of historical architecture to admire. Opt for a venue that you immediately know it is « the one », and that has the wow factor inside and out.
You can also incorporate traditional sports and games into the wedding day activities to keep it fun.

Quintessentially british wedding venue

Source : wedluxe / photography by: Studio 2000 Follow

Regarding color scheme, it is advised to opt for soft creams and pale pinks. Whatever you choose, there are a lot of things that should match with a quintessentially British inspiration wedding, especially with the decoration.

For your bouquet and decoration, choose flowers such as peonies and hydrangeas which are the main ones. Of course, don’t forget roses, symbol of beauty and love, that are the quintessential wedding flowers and look really pretty ! It has to form a soft and delicate pallet of colors. If you want you can arrange flowers in tea cups at the reception, it promises to be stunning ! Anyway, don’t hesitate to play with towering floral decorations.

Quintessentially british wedding flowers

Source : modern wedding / designer : Karen Tran

Another thing that characterizes a quintessentially British wedding is candles and candlesticks to warm everyone’s heart. You can dispose it as centerpieces and it will give a certain elegance to the occasion.

Don’t skimp on small details in table decorations, place settings and menus, use writing methods like calligraphy for the place cards to make a big impression guaranteed.

Quintessentially british wedding details

Source : stricly weddings

You’ve probably understood that in a quintessentially British wedding, the detail in everything is just outstanding.

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