How to plan a post Wedding Brunch

If you’re not leaving for the honeymoon right away, a post wedding brunch is a great way to end the festivities. Newlyweds can enjoy a final opportunity to thank their guests and make the most of the wedding . Here are our best tips to plan a nice post wedding brunch.

Who should you invite?

It depends on you, your venue and budget! Basically you can really invite whoever you want. But remember that you don’t have to invite the whole wedding guest list! As a piece of advice and according to our experience, it will be easier for you to enjoy an intimate post wedding brunch. Usually couples only invite family and closest friends.


Where should you host it?

Some couples choose to have their post wedding brunch at the same venue than their wedding day. Ask if you could hold the brunch there and see if they can arrange a special menu for the occasion. But if you finally opted for an intimate gathering your wedding venue might be too big. So the brunch should be held in a smaller place near the wedding location so that guests who traveled from out of town will not be inconvenienced. An historic firehouse? A landmark diner? A friend’s or your parents’ backyard? In a restaurant or a cozy lounge…

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Should you sent a special invitation?

There are no rules! Printed invitations are not necessary you could simply invite your guests via telephone or email. But if you want to you can insert a card and the brunch menu inside the wedding invitations of the guests you would like to attend the post-wedding brunch. Or you can send out a separate mailing entirely it’s really up to you. The cards can be as formal or as casual as the brunch itself.

post wedding brunch invitatons - Label'Emotion London wedding planner London


What should be served and how?

You can totally opt for a formal sit-down meal with waiters and all these things. Or if you are looking more casual vibes a buffet is a nice option, it is very convivial and your guests can take food whenever they want. Popular brunch items include Belgian waffles, Croissants, Eggs Benedict, Pastries, Fruits, Hash browns and other breakfast-related dishes. However, don’t feel like you have to serve the standard brunch fare for your post wedding brunch. A menu featuring a favorite type of cuisine of the couple or a barbecue are also two great solutions. Planning on a mimosa (champagne with juice), a candy or a coffee bar right next to the buffet is a good idea too.


What to wear?

Normally your guests will be planning to travel back home afterwards so they will probably be wearing casual clothes so don’t feel obliged to get your glad rags on…

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