More and more brides and grooms lean outside the traditional indoor wedding and opt for an outdoor wedding instead. There is definitely something special about an outdoor wedding. Indeed natural beauty can be so inspiring and what a better backdrop to celebrate the love of the future spouses ?

Whether it be a wedding on the beach, in a garden or in your own backyard, outdoor weddings are quite simply beautifully romantic. But as gorgeous as these venues are, you have to know that there is also a significant amount of logistics that goes into planning this king of celebration.
From the weather to the wildlife, there are many things to think about if you want an outdoor wedding everyone will never forget (in the best sense, of course !).

So your loved one and you are dreaming of getting married outside. Here are some tips to make sure things will go softly on the big day.


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To begin with, when looking for your wedding venue, consider the time of year you will get married. As outdoor weddings in the winter are feasible but less conceivable, weddings between April and October are probably a better option.

Sometimes couples choose to keep the theme running by having both ceremony and reception outside. But in most cases they also choose a marquee, a tent, a tipi or a yurt. Whatever you choose, make sure that your venue has an option B. Keep a place inside that the ceremony can be moved to if necessary.


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Have a backup plan

Indeed, the most important thing about outdoor weddings (I mean, it is an imperative !) is that as soon as you pick your dream venue, you have to pick your plan B location. What will you do if it rains ? It’s hard to predict the weather when you set the date well in advance. And even if you often check forecasts, it can change at any time.

That’s why it’s more careful to have a backup plan in case weather doesn’t want to cooperate. If there are indoor options near your wedding location, look into these ones. Check if your outdoor layout can be reorganized in it as well. Above all, whatever happens on your big day, don’t worry !

Of course, there are unpredictable things that can go wrong on your wedding day. Keeping a positive attitude (and having a backup plan) is the best way to avoid giving in to panic. And in any case, rain doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. It can give a special atmosphere to your wedding and provide perfect photo opportunities !


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Outdoor wedding accessories

By planning your wedding, think about what’s the weather usually like wherever you’re getting married at that time of year. Maybe it gets chilly at night ? Implement weather-appropriate accessories for your guests such as gloves, blankets, umbrellas. If it’s too cold to be outside, you should consider having cocktails outside and dinner and dancing inside, for example.

Contrariwise, if it’s really hot out, make sure your guests stay comfortable. Ensure to have cooling devices such as quiet fans or air conditioners and provide them ice-cold bottles of water to keep them refreshed. Another option is to set up decorative pitchers of fruit-infused ice water at the entrance of the outdoor ceremony. In this way, guests can settle down in their seats with a drink while you say “I do”.

You can also give them sunglasses customized with your initials on the side for example. They can serve as wedding favors. To offer shade from the sun, especially on warm spring or summer days, giving chic parasols is also a great idea.
For the bridal party, don’t hesitate to create a survival kit. It can include sweat-fixing items like face blotters, sunscreen, deodorant and body wipes.
Following the ceremony, encourage your guests to relax at outdoor lounge areas.

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Outdoor wedding reception

Concerning the reception, ensure that your food areas have proper cover and protection from wind or insects. For menu choices you can ask your caterer to provide you suggestions based on what will or won’t work.
If your food is going to be served outside, you should go for seated meals rather than buffet that will sit out in the warmth for a long time.

If your celebration will last into the evening, don’t forget to think about lighting. You can opt for tiki torches, lanterns, lamps or dramatic lighting. Whatever, make sure you have plenty of outdoor lights ! Additionally, check your power sources in case you need to bring in a generator.

Another important thing is to plan your wedding pictures. Don’t take them at noon or too close to noon when the sun will be directly overhead and will cause uncomplimentary shadows. You should consult with your wedding photographer for recommendations.


Source : Victor Sizemore Photography

While planning the outdoor wedding of your dreams, don’t forget to tell your guests what to expect. In this way, they can prepare and dress themselves accordingly.
Outdoor weddings have never been so popular, but as you can see there are a lot of things to consider to ensure that it’s a perfect day! It may take more work, but it is worth !
It’s a fact that British weather is liable to turn at any minute. Remember it is always best to think about the season, and also have a good back up plan ! The ideal outdoor wedding location has an indoor one waiting, just in case.
Finally, you can’t control everything so don’t obsess about perfection and enjoy the moment ! Because at the end of the day, you will be married to the person you love most… and it’s all that matters.

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