What would be a wedding without the famous bridesmaids and maid of honor as well as the groomsmen and best man. These special guests have a special place in a wedding both for the organisation side of things but also to help the bride and groom release the pressure.

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is as exciting as it is a big deal, because with her proposal, your beloved friend is giving you the honor of playing a role in one of the most important day of her life.

And with great privilege, comes great responsibility. Your last wish would be to disappoint the bride, and you want to make sure you do things right. But what do you have to do exactly?                                                                                           Don’t worry, Here are some tips that will with no doubt take you to the next level of awesomeness !

Traditionally, there is the maid of honor, considered as the “chief” of the bridesmaids and who plays the biggest role in the wedding organisation. In the ladies’ team are also the bridesmaids, whose role is quite significant because they are in charge of attending the bride on her wedding day, working together with the maid of honor.

bridesmaid and the bride

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Get ready because from the moment you receive you « will you be my bridesmaid », you’re on the starting block and your role of bridesmaid begins !

As we have well understood, being a bridesmaid is the bride’s way of saying she wants you by her side on one of the most special moment she will ever live, her big day. And therefore, you have to help her in any way you can. Does she need you to help find bridesmaid dresses ? Does she want your help to draw the seating plan ? Take notes of what she needs the most from you and fulfill as many requests as possible. Your bride will always appreciate you making space in your diary for planning chats, and for important appointments (in particular choosing her wedding gown). When needed, don’t hesitate to take her out of wedding planning world, especially when the big day draws near by ordering pizzas and watch a TV show or going out to a movie for example.

wedding bridesmaid

Concerning a touchy subject, the bridesmaids dresses ! Be tactful, it may not be your dress of choice but after all it’s her day so play the diplomat. You can bring this up with her gently and suggest some alteration ideas.

Who pays for your dress? there is no rule really but if the bride specifically ask you to wear a specific dress she may pay for it or contribute to it.

One of the maid of honor’s and the bridesmaids’s most important tasks on the run up to the big day is planning the Bachelorette party ! First you have to decide if it is going to be a Bachelorette Day, Night, Week end, according to the budget you have for the occasion and to the bride’s tastes and wishes. You can share the tasks between all of the bridesmaids; one does the invites, one chooses the date and venue, one the decoration, one the gifts and so on. As a bridesmaid it’s important for you to give your friend the kind of party she wants.

Who pays for the bride? The cost is usually shared by all the bridesmaids and girl attending so that the bride does not pay anything, The maid of honour can pay a bigger part if needed.

bridesmaid planning party

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When the wedding day has finally arrived, do your best to help keep the bride calm. It’s up to you to make sure all the decor details are in place. Make yourself available to inspect that the flowers, the wedding cake and more have arrived on time and in perfect order. As it is always better to be safe than sorry, you should carry an emergency bridal kit on the day including aspirin, corsage pins, make up, hair spray, perfume…

bridesmaid and bride

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During the reception, use your social skills to introduce guests to one another and to make sure everyone is fine and enjoy the moment.It will be reassuring for the bride and groom to know everyone is being taken care of.

Now that you’re ready to be the best bridesmaid ever, you just have to join the throwing of the bridal bouquet and, we never know, maybe it will be you next who tie the knot !

As a bridesmaid, you will accompany the bride through every step to the wedding, your presence will mean the world to her. Keep in mind to enjoy sharing all the fun and craziness of her big day.

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