Honeymoon Destinations Trends

Whether you’re looking for laidback luxury or dreaming of adventure, your wedding planner and stylist Label’Emotion London shares the best new travel trends and gives you a few tips to find the honeymoon that suits you! But don’t forget that your honeymoon is your chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience so try to choose a memorable destination.

A romantic road trip on the Route 66:

What is more romantic than the open road, just the two a of you in a car, listening to some music, laughing about all the funny moments of your wedding, forgetting the rest of the world and crossing amazing landscape. If you’re looking for an epic adventure for your honeymoon, get behind the wheel and follow the famous Route 66 from Chicago to LA.

Tailor-made trip in the Maldives:

Looking for a slice of paradise but don’t want to spend the whole time on the beach? Why not combine pure relaxation in the Maldives with a short hop over to Sri Lanka to explore tea plantations, visit temples and go elephant trekking?



An intimate Boat trip Honeymoon:

When you hear the word “cruise” you might imagine the crowd, the long buffet lines with families and we can’t blame you for that but they are not all like that! Label’Emotion London advise you something more intimate, like a smaller luxury vessel with less than a hundred passengers which is a lot more peaceful and romantic. It can be a great alternative for your honeymoon. You should try the Oberoi Zahra, a weeklong luxury cruise on the Nile River. With Egyptologists on board to explain the country’s fascinating history while you are having a massage, this voyage is equal parts educational and relaxing.



Cycling in Provence:

While every couple is having their honeymoon in an expensive hotel in Paris near by the “Tour Eiffel”, why don’t you stand out of the crowd and plan your honeymoon on two wheels? What could be more romantic than riding through the French countryside together, stopping for picnics under poplar trees, skinny dipping in crystal clear lakes and wine tasting in local vineyards?



Eco retreat in Borneo

Sitting together in a tree house with a few monkeys for company, hiking is a world away from the intensity of your wedding day and a brilliant chance to see things from a new perspective. This may not be for everyone but eco honeymoons are a growing trend and are a great chance to get away from it all and experience a way of living in harmony with nature.



Campervan around New Zealand:

If you’re lucky enough to get the time off work, take a few weeks to travel around New Zealand in a vintage VW. Just imagine the perfect escape, just the two of you, pitching wherever you fancy, cooking BBQs on the beach and drinking cold white wine as you watch the sun set over the sea and rise over the mountains.



Another option…

More and more couples are taking two honeymoons! A shorter one, and usually less expensive, mini-moon right after their wedding and a longer trip a few months later. This is a great option if wedding planning hasn’t left much room in your budget, or in your vacation days.


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